A tool that analyses construction contracts to find hidden contractual risks


target audience

construction companies

it helps contractors and subcontractors to proper risk assessment and price adjustment to comply with hidden contract costs

contracting authorities

contracting authorities can verify the tender documents draft against adverse contract conditions or any other provisions which may be successfully brought to court by the contractors. 

financial institutions

it helps to enhance expertise of risk assessment depts. during application for bond and guarantees related to specific contract

parent companies

It helps mother companies to carry on risk assessment regarding specific contract in Poland

consultants / lawyers

it speeds up legal risk assessment process for projects and contracts , it identifies possibilities for successful court appeal.

appeal court (KIO) / public procurement office (UZP)

The Public Procurement Office (UZP) and the National Appeals Chamber (KIO) may seek, on their own, an objective assessment of the contractual practices used by the contracting authorities


Summary report with detailed description of findings and consequences. 

Analysis in Word format with highlighted risks, a description and a link to the database of court sentences 

upload the document  (PDF of Word)

general analysis, determination of document type , statistical analysis etc.

content analysis, identification of risks, assigning of weights to specific risks, adding commentaries, composing of resulting report

output-onlinepngtools (4).png

The analysis system accepts documents in PDF or Word  format  and then analyses it from the point of view of known risks. The system also uncovers risks that have not occurred before but that could present a potential threat. The tool analyses not only the content of the contract but also other documents included in it where risky provisions are often hidden (such as the preamble to cost calculations).

Wait for the automated analysis

Your analysed document will be sent back to you with commentary from the automated lawyer and risk officer in one. You will find out which provisions are risky and how much importance should be given to a particular contract provision. You will also be able to generate a dedicated report in which risks are collated along with commentary. Where a given risk is connected with a court or KIO decision (whether favourable or not), you will be informed of this automatically, and a link will be provided to the relevant decision. This will greatly speed up the work of the lawyers conducting the initial analysis of your contracts. Depending on the size of the document, the time needed to analyse it will vary, but it should not take longer than two minutes.

Automatically reviewed contract with comments. PL version only

Automatically reviewed contract with comments. PL version only

Automatically generated report. PL version only.


about us


it is easy to find us here on LinkedIn

We have come a long way, but we have reached a place that provides a completely new outlook.

Our motivation is to ensure that construction companies have easy access to professional knowledge comparable to that used by large and experienced contractors on a daily basis in assessing the risks of a given contract. 

The man behind the system has worked in several non-governmental organisations with the aim of restoring balance between the parties to public procurement contracts. The impact of these activities turned out to fall short of expectations, which gave rise to the idea of creating a tool to inform contractors about the risks involved in contracts that they should take into account when making price estimates.


Rafał Bałdys - Rembowski - analyst and expert on the Polish construction market. Co-creator of the National Contracts Forum, modeled after British JCT. Author and co-author of reports, analyses, forecasts and opinions in the field of infrastructure construction, procurement processes and contract terms. Deputy Chairperson of the Polish Association of Construction Employers from 2013 to 2018. A fan of state-of-the-art information technologies, holds an MSc in electronic engineering.  


Ewa Wiktorowska holds an MSc in construction engineering, Chairperson of the Board of the National Association of Public Procurement Consultants, court expert on public procurement at the District Court in Warsaw, and councillor at the Polish Chamber of Commerce.  On a daily basis, advisor and lecturer on the subject of public procurement and public-private partnerships. Author of numerous publications in the field of public procurement for construction works, concessions for construction works and services and public-private partnerships.

Paweł Gierejkiewicz - holds an MSc in electronic engineering. On a daily basis, advises clients on IT systems and solutions, suggesting how to select and implement them properly. For many years, dealt personally with the implementation of SAP systems in enterprises in various industries. Certified IT project manager.


Agnieszka Rembowska - over 15 years of experience in Public Affairs on International level, lawyer and newbie entrepreneur. Responsible for research and development of  the RISKOVERY functionalities in other sectors apart from AEC.


We are open to any comments or suggestions. We will appreciate suggestions concerning contractual risks we should include in our risk database. In case of any questions, just drop us a line. 

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